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Wild Wood Central

Let's go Wilding...

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vorpal pen
17 February 1986
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All you really need to know is that I knit, I'm a college student, I knit, I'm trying to transferred to an art school in New York, I knit, I work as a receptionist at a bookshop, I knit, I'm a book/music/movie whore, and I knit.

Hell, I've spent well, well over a thousand dollars on yarn, and am not likely to stop anytime soon, so the statement bears repeating.

Wow. That should have been updated months ago.

"You- you're a fucking illuminated Gothic black-letter manuscript. You couldn't be hypertext if you tried."
~Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Because someone told me it was you
and if it isn't funny
then it isn't true


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