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As some of you may know, I going on vacation! For an *entire* week! In NEW YORK. (!!!) With any luck, I will survive this visit with only a minimal amount of bruises and injuries from the city. To hope that it won't beat me up at all is maybe asking a bit too much- we all know how me and cobblestone streets get along.

...and I realized yesterday, holy cow, there are so, so many people I haven't emailed about it. I am absolutely terrible at correspondence. My brain isn't helping matters, it's trying to tell me to be chill and mellow, I've got like 3 weeks before my trip to get all the is shit that needs doing done, and, no brain. You are wrong. So very, very wrong. And I somehow effed up a couple of months ago when I put my time off request, and the reality of having 3 days before I go has been reduced to, say, 3 hours of free time.

I worked my usual coffeeshop Sunday shift from 5am-9am, but there is a massive amount of nonsense to get done at job 1, so instead of my normal 10am-6pm stint, I'm 3-11pm tonight, 9-5 tomorrow, and WTF 4-7am coffeeshop and 8am-4pm job 1 Tuesday, with a flight out of LAX at 8pm. I am going to sleep my way through this entire New York trip, I just know it. :/

Attempts to be productive now aren't so much successful as laughable. Though the very act of posting of livejournal might have given that away.
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