vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

A list of descending order, in the order I think of them.

Things that are good:

1.) Had my review at work. It's my second review, and happens to coincide with the end of my second year at the company, so it's only going to get tougher from here on out. However, it was mostly favorable, and I got a 28-cent raise, so there's that.

2.) Put in my request for time off at both jobs, and booked the hotel room for a Vegas getaway June 15-17th. $75 bucks for two nights at Excalibur, y'all. That's totally awesome even *before* splitting the cost of the room with Steph. Planning on driving out Wednesday morning, checking into the hotel at 3, and laying out by the pool until we check out Friday morning. Dancing might even happen at some point. Steph will be driving in from Utah, so the only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to have a third peep to keep me company on the way there and back.

Things that are what they are:

3.) Not going to SDCC this year. There were 3 possible ways it could have happened- legit attendee, volunteer, and [other]. Didn't get the tickets, didn't get a volunteer slot, didn't find pertinent information in a timely manner. Yes, I am bummed, and yes, I was planning on going down anyway to chill with my brother and hit up the off-site events, but I got offered a lucrative babysitting gig that Saturday night, and I don't think any of my peeps got tickets anyways? Maybe Nyssa, but I'm not sure. Anyone else I know that's going is doing so in a professional capacity, and I wouldn't want to pester them.

4.) I miss New York. I want to visit New York. And with the money I'm not spending on SDCC, I might actually be able to afford tickets to New York. I couldn't do it if the tickets were $400-$600 like they are usually, but the first or second week of September tickets are only $292-$319, yay. Timing's not an issue for me (see point 7). Before I commit, first I want to see if Labor Day weekend is better (extra day off for some people) or worse (out-of-town vacations, maybe?) for my NY peeps. No point in going if I can't see my girls, right? Right.

5.) My body is absolutely drained. Thank goodness school is over soon, because I have no idea how long I can last before it goes into lockdown and I sleep for a week.

6.) New job is a job/a paycheck. Might get better once I learn the ropes and/or see if they like me for a management position, but for now it is slightly frustrating (trying to memorize everything) and mostly makes my joints hurt. It'll be worth it, though.

7.) I don't plan on taking classes in the fall. I need to take the time off and rest up so I can stop getting ridiculous things like pneumonia and MRSA and strep and whatever else I've been hit with. This will also allow me to save up, so I can take classes in the future without having to work like crazy at the same time and still live off ramen. If anything, the sculpture teacher has offered me an independent study. I'd have more work to complete, obvs, but I would be able to create my own syllabus, complete it on my own time, and not have to worry about making it all the way through class without passing out or dying.

Things that are annoying:

8.) So far, have had to work 2 out of 3 Fridays for job 1 since I put in the request in to have them off, all at the PV location. I just want time to relax and do homework and, in the case of this Friday, hang out with Steph while she's in town. I would be chill if it was covering a shift at my store, but the PV store makes my teeth grate.

9.) Sinuses. Seriously, what's their point?

10.) Because I have to have a ten, which is annoying in and of itself.
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