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A different city every night...

I really should be tucking myself into bed- it's half-past midnight, I've got work at 9, and it's going to take me a good 20 minutes to change out all my bandages. OTOH the urge to sit and finish my mask is overwhelming. I'm a week behind, and crashing the M/W class straight after work with a clay piece ready to plaster would definitely help get the whole process finished by Thursday. In the meantime I'm watching Travie McCoy's Billionaire w/ Bruno Mars because it makes me smile.

My mom was channel surfing while I worked on my mask last night, and she settled on House. Can
I say rewatching this episode simultaneously reassured and freaked me out? The way they talked about staph infections after the final diagnosis is comforting ("simple", for example), but, y'know, the girl *died* due to it. I now have the idea that I've missed a spot worrying its way into my brain (the thought, that is, not the infection. Although that's not outside the realm of possibility?). IDEK. It's late and I think the antibiotics make my brain wonky.

The 8 hour drive from Sacramento probably didn't help much, either. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick? That, and spending the weekend with my mom instead of being stuck at home, unable to work & having to actively avoid my dad. We attended the California Science Education Conference (she's a member of the California Science Teachers Association), and except for when I missed workshops because I went into Zombie hibernation mode, I had fun. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters talked/answered questions in the closing session, totally brilliant note to end on.

Here, have some Sara B.
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