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Second verse, different from the first...

I am possibly a glutton for punishment. Not entirely unrelatedly, I picked two fantastic stories to illustrate for this year's Big Bang. audeamus22was my 2nd author, she was an absolute doll, and my truly biggest problem this whole SPN Big Bang 2010 was that I had just too many ideas!

Broken Wings by audeamus22
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Chris (with a side of Mike/Tom and Sandy/Chad)
Rating: M
Word count: 34,333
Warnings/Spoilers: Wheelchair!Jared, M/M sex, Mentions of violence against disabled!Jared, mentions of suicidal Jared and past suicide attempts.
Summary: “To me, it will always remind myself of the fact that I control what happens to my body, that I can control my body. It also means that even though people will always see what they want to see, like a crow instead of a raven, I will always know what it is, so I will know that while people always see some guy in a wheelchair, I will remember that I am Jared. And also... see how the wing is kind of stretched out? It’s ‘cause even though my wings may be broken... I know I’m still free...”

Teasers for art:

Broken Wings by audeamus22
Cover Page
(click on image for larger size)

When I think of Tattoo Parlors and the people within, I think of all the different mediums associated with the culture. Tagging is intertwined with ink, and so I wanted to bring it in somehow. And what self-respecting shop forgoes neon signage? :D

Broken Wings
Broken Wings
First in a planned set of playing cards. The playing cards were by no means my first idea, and certainly weren't my last, but with all the sketches I had swirling around my head, I'm glad I committed to these. Ideally, there would be a card for each member of The Inked Raven and our two main characters. (Jared as you can see is the Ace of Hearts, Chris the King of Clubs, Jensen the Jack of Spades, Sandy the Queen of Diamonds, Mike a Joker, and Chad the Jack of Diamonds). Life kinda drop-kicked me, in both good ways and bad, and only Jared made it to completion by the deadline. Depending on how long it is before my next day off, I may go back and finish off the rest of them just for kicks...

Thank you once again to the lovely mods! As I've said before, without their crazy energy and love there would not be this fantastic challenge to keep us entertained through the lonely summer months. Hard to believe I posted the art for biancathecookie over 2 1/2 months ago!

I had a ton of fun reacquainting myself with photoshop (It's been a long time), and to have the freedom to make mistakes and experiment in the digital medium. I can't always embrace a looser kind of working mindset when I use traditional media, as I have in Big Bangs past, and I can't describe how energizing and refreshing it was. Plus, audeamus22 seduced me with talk of tattoos, let's be honest here. :D Feedback is much, much,much appreciated!!!
Tags: art, big bang, spn
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