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vorpal pen

Tonight, I was supposed to get off work, drive over to my parent's, and chill with my brother for a couple of hours. Except that his girlfriend totally monopolized him the entire night, complete with moving the two of them into different rooms to avoid my family. J just got home 15 minutes ago. He left before 10:30 to drive her home, yelling over his shoulder he'd be right back, and I waited. I figured, at least we could chill for an hour or so, watch some Eureka or The Guild or Dexter and relax. He was not "right back". Evidently his gf invited a bunch of people over to her place to say goodbye as a surprise. I called his cell at 11:30, he said he was out with friends, and he'd head home. Didn't even say sorry for leaving me hanging. Of course, that 5-minute trip home took an additional hour to transverse- I'm not only annoyed that I was waiting until well, well after midnight, but that I also had my father hovering over my shoulder, "unable to sleep", and being a complete jackass. If I hadn't knocked on his door just now, he wouldn't have even said goodbye to me. He has report for boot camp at 4am.

I'm too upset that even now, he didn't so much as stick his head out of his room on his own accord to say goodnight. I now have to drive back to Harbor City, and get ready for yet another day on 3 hours of sleep.

I get that he's only going to be away for a few months, but I've been completely respectful of his plans and his wishes since he graduated, and he has done nothing to earn that trust and help. He still owes me money from Comic-Con, and yet he is completely unashamed and actually boasts about the money he spends on his girlfriend, who is a grown-ass woman from my graduating class in high school and should know better than to pull this shit. She knows my father is very religious, and yet has no qualms about convincing J to spend the night at her place last night, after he spent all day week with her, ignoring his family and his father's plans. It's no surprise that two of my closest friends absolutely loathe her, and that despite my mother and I being always friendly and nice toward her since she's been dating J, she still falls back on manipulating him to cause drama.

The thing that frustrates me the most is that even if she's caught cheating while he's out of town, she'll twist it in some way to make it seem like somebody was trying to frame her, and make him even more devoted to her while more mistrustful of us. I've seen her do it before, and it turns my stomach.

I really wish everything about this night didn't make me cry.
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