vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

I feel like Frankenstein's creature, juice me up with lightning bolts and send me on my way.

I am alive! Alive, and in Los Angeles. My work schedule is all kinds of a headache this week, but before I drag myself up and out the door, I wanted to say that I love my raelala, regala_electra, ignited, and elrina753, and memphis86 too. I had so much fun, and it was fantastic seeing friends and former coworkers, and meeting shiny new fantastic people. I wish I could have met up or spent more time with certain peeps, but quite frankly I think I'm lucky to have gotten to the airport in one piece, and it gives me reason to come back again!

Eew, real life. Go away and let me eat my baklava in peace.
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