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That's a weird place to put a piano.

Recent things I appreciate:

  • Walking down to the Redondo beach and back today with my mom.
  • Gossiping with her about my brothers. Panda's girlfriend's parents invited our family to a BBQ tomorrow, and when my mom mentioned how great it'll be to meet her parents, he PANICKED. "Oh, you don't have to go if you don't want to..." ::Snorfles::
  • Talking to C for over an hour yesterday morning.
  • Watching Bolt after talking to C, and then watching it again with Steph after we got out of work. "I am be-awesome!!!!". Yes, you are, Rhino. Yes you are.
  • Walking to and from El Segundo yesterday, 2.8 miles each way. I will get in shape, dammit!

Recent things I do not appreciate:

  • Showing up to my babysitting job on time, only to find out they had called and left a message that the young'n was running a fever, and they would get her down for the night and have me come at 7 instead. Granted, they didn't call until I was already on my way here, but it's still annoying my cell didn't ring.
  • Also annoying is the two hours of babysitting pay I'm losing, since they're forgoing their original plans for drinks before dinner.
  • As I as driving away, another one of my families called and cancelled on me for this Friday (she forgot she had scheduled her son's check-up at the same time).
  • Taking/prepping two to-go orders at work, and making a grand total of 32 cents in tips.
  • Working two doubles and a third lunch and dinner this past week (6 shifts total), and still only clocking in 13 hours.
  • Only working that many shifts because one of the other hosts is out of town.
  • A class it turns out I have to take over the summer is completely booked up, and I can't take three of the classes I was planning on in the fall if I don't have this one as a prerequisite.
  • I'm finally eligible for health insurance again, but not for another two months, and only if I'm a full-time student, which will be a waste of time and money if I can't get these classes.
  • I still haven't watched the last two episodes of Supernatural.
  • SS buying me the most ridiculously amazing cookie almost every time I babysit, and I have absolutely no willpower to resist.

...No, I lied. This cookie is too delicious not to appreciate.

Bottom line: I was already strapped for cash before, but with the above losses and lack of hours, I basically need to scrounge up $200 from somewhere by Saturday. Oh, JOY. I'm re-posting my book sale entry here, please please please take a look and see if anything catches your fancy. There are some autographed titles included in there as well!

Also sending good vibes, spreading the link to my book sale around, or crossing your fingers that I get a decent number of to-go orders that actually tip would be very helpful and totally fantastic!!
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