vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen


“...the body, step by step, teeters on the edge of catastrophe” (Napier, 1967, p.56).

I feel this quote, while referring to bipedalism, is actually an amazingly accurate analysis of my life. Definitely much more accurate than the horoscopes my coworkers keep referring me to.

One of the little kids I babysit has a bunch of bath toys shaped like sea animals, much like these. They're all cute and fun to play with, but I especially love the octopus. It's not anatomically correct (it's squirter is placed on the face, like a mouth or nose), and every time I see it it makes me think of Cthulhu. Specifically, My Little Cthulhu.

Excuse my blasphemy here, but how awesome would a line of Elder Gods bath toys be? They came from the deepest depths... of your bubble bath.
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