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20 January 2009 @ 12:09 am
Movie theaters lie. They lie like Widgets. Jerks.  
After checking I don't know how many times online to make sure the Pacific theater in El Segundo was playing My Bloody Valentine in 3D, and even calling the movie hotline to double check, I get a call from JB saying... well, sucks to be us. The only 3D showing was all the way at the Bridge. After debating other movies, we went ahead and saw the 2D version. I mean, it's a bad horror movie. If our expectations are low to start, how bad could it be?

Words cannot even begin to describe how horrible this movie was. To say the least, the gratuitous shots that were obviously meant to be shown in 3D were really annoying after a bit, as the focus was all wonky.

Neither JB or I really knew what to say as we were walking out, other than, "It would probably be better in 3D" and "At least I'll sleep really soundly tonight". There wasn't any real redeeming qualities to focus on, but there wasn't any truly ridiculous moments to nit pick on either. Thanks, movie, for providing absolutely NO conversation material. The small talk on the walk to our cars was stilted and forced, and I wouldn't blame the guy if he never want to chill with me again. As it was, I'm tired from biking to Venice and back and he's surfing early tomorrow, so we parted ways pretty fast. :(

Dear Jensen;
You're really pretty. Please to be picking better movies in the future. This is the first movie I've gone to see in the theaters simply to support an actor, but if you keep it up, I won't be doing that again. I've been burned.


p.s.- If you're considering a role, and Kerr Smith is the other male lead, that's probably a BIG flashing neon sign to back away as quickly as possible.