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I saw the LJ spotlight of mission101_2009 and was intrigued. So, on December 31st, while babysitting in Long Beach, I set M up with paints and a freshly assembled wooden helicopter, sat across from him at their kitchen table, and started scribbling. This list is in no particular order, I just transcribed it straight from my original.

I'm curious: What would make your 101?

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

1. Go to Prague.
2. Read 100 books in 2009 & 2010, and be on track for 2011. (2009: 1/100) (2010: 0/100) (2011: 0/74)
3. Watch 50 (previously unviewed) movies in 2009 & 2010, and be on track for 2011. (2009: 0/50) (2010: 0/50) (2011: 0/37)
4. Volunteer an average of one day a month with Project Angel Food and/or AIDS Walk LA, minimum. (0/33)
5. Work out for at least and a half an average of once a week. (1/143)
6. Work out for at least 20 minutes an average of 3 times a week. (1/429)
7. Write a piece of snail mail to my aunt once a month. (0/33)
8. Start my own company.
9. Sell my creations online.
10. Call/talk to a New York relative at least every two weeks (3/71)
11. Get an Wacom Intuos tablet.
12. Get an office and/or education job.
13. Take the CBEST exam (and pass!!!).
14. Take the CSET exam for art (and pass!!!).
15. Create a font.
16. Cook a completely new recipe from a cookbook an average of once a month (minimum). (0/33)
17. Enroll in a 4-year school.
18. Be on track to finish, if not have already finished my B.A.
19. Complete my FAFSA each year. (0/3)
20. Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art no less than 3 times a year. (0/9)
21. Visit the Getty and the Getty Malibu at least once a year. (G: 0/3) (GM: 0/3)
22. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art at least twice a year. (0/6)
23. Organize my yarn.
24. Organize my fabric.
25. Organize my embroidery materials.
26. Organize all my other art/craft supplies.
27. Participate in Postcrossing, and send & receive 100 postcards. (sent: 0/100) (received: 0/100)
28. Participate in Bookcrossing.
29. Make something using Ponoko.
30. Create a PDF of an original knitting pattern.
31. Go to San Diego.
32. Go to the Long Beach Aquarium.
33. Go to the LA Zoo.
34. Go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
35. Pay for a stranger’s order at a drive-thru.
36. Create a journal for 1001 Journals.
37. Host the Hippo.
38. Try venison.
39. Bake baklava.
40. Unpack all my boxes.
41. Plant a garden.
42. Organize my photos.
43. Create themed photo albums (ie: Europe, Girls Scouts, Family)
44. Write to at least two friends in other countries. (0/2)
45. Mail Christmas cards before December 17th. (0/2)
46. Donate to the Salvation Army.
47. See Sara Bareilles, Gavin Bellour, and/or Common Rotation play.
48. Walk in an AIDS Walk.
49. Lose 20 pounds.
50. Go to Stagecoach and/or Coachella.
51. Set up my iTunes to run off my external hard drive.
52. Replace my iPod with one that works.
53. Organize/burn my CD collection to my computer.
54. Complete my DVD spreadsheet.
55. Input my library into goodreads.
56. Apply for the Next Food Network Star.
57. Get a new cell phone and plan when my current one ends, instead of just renewing it.
58. Embroider a skirt.
59. Sew an article of clothing from a pattern.
60. Bake 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies. (0/10)
61. Bake a birthday cake.
62. Go to Las Vegas.
63. Complete a large needlework pattern.
64. Create different Christmas ornaments each year. (0/3)
65. Write a restaurant review.
66. Write a book review.
67. Go to Disneyland.
68. Create an illustration for a short story.
69. Go to San Diego Comic-Con.
70. Go to Book-Expo America.
71. Design, create, and wear my own jewelry.
72. Find a good Thai restaurant.
73. Help organize a Thanksgiving Classic Turkey Tournament.
74. Coach a soccer team.
75. Organize a fundraiser.
76. Subscribe to a computer arts magazine.
77. Participate in a swap community.
78. Illustrate a story for a livejournal challenge.
79. Make sure my brother registers to vote.
80. Wear earrings every day for a week. (0/7)
81. Go on a second date.
82. Re-pierce the 2nd holes in my ears.
83. Go to San Francisco.
84. Take my youngest brother out for a driving lesson.
85. Go to one of his wrestling matches.
86. Go to his high school graduation.
87. Create a personalized cookbook.
88. Knit a portrait.
89. Knit a personalized blanket for my mother.
90. Stay current in my 5-year diary.
91. Sign up for an Amazon Associates account.
92. Decorate my room.
93. Frame my Todd Klein prints.
94. Participate in 24-Hour Comic Book Day each year. (0/2)
95. Learn how to bartend.
96. Take a cooking class.
97. Bike to Venice.
98. Get health insurance.
99. Fix my printer, instead of waiting until I’m at my parent’s house or on campus to print whatever I need. OR, make a robot.
100. Finish at least 10 abandoned knitting projects. (0/10)
101. Come up with 101 new things for the next 1001 days. (0/101)

I have from January 1st, 2009, to September 29th, 2011 to cross off this entire list. No time to waste!
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