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Some of the personal assistant duties just make me laugh...

You have GOT to be kidding me. There is no way this company is accurately representing itself. Dalí? In Redondo Beach? Seriously?

Can't sleep, so I'm trolling Craigslist for office jobs. I asked for this past Tuesday off since I've been trying to get in to see a doctor in person, and they told me they weren't going to to put me on the schedule at all this week, just in case I call out sick the night before my shift. :( This is especially annoying, because tomorrow's the last day of my antibiotics, so I've been "non-contagious" since Monday, and I'm really good at hiding discomfort and working through headaches/pain/illness. It's like when I was in Bye Bye Birdie in high school- I might be coughing like I had consumption all day and night, but out on stage? Not so much as an unscripted peep from me. Add that to the past couple of weeks of only working 1 or 2 shifts, and it's only because I've been socking money away to pay loans in January that I have any money left at all. ---And as I typed that, I realized that since my schedule this past week has been all screwed up, I forgot to pay my bills. So I just did that, and now I really have no money. Frick.

Well, I was going to ask if anyone uses/knows of an electric kettle that they'd recommend for purchase? My mom really wants one for Christmas, and since my brother and I are going in on it together, I'd rather get her something a bit nicer than a $15 model that she'll have to replace in 3 months. Only, I either forget to write down the model of the ones I've liked using at other people's places, or I can't find them online. The selections have been really limited in stores, but even after reading a bajillion customer reviews, I'm not completely comfortable buying one sight unseen. Amazon say I have until the 17th to make the purchase for Christmas, and I have other purchasing options, so since I'm babysitting before then, I'm sure my brother and I can make it happen. Suggestions?

Starting the 16th, I'm house-sitting for friends of folks I've baby-and-house-sat for since high school. I've met the people several times over the years, and they're wonderful, and it's a fantastic job- the house is, like, a century old and gorgeous, it's literally a block away from my parents, so I won't have any trouble getting over there for Christmas Day proceedings, their dog is adorable, and they have two chickens. Chickens! I only wish now that I had agreed to take a half-payment before they left, instead of going with my usual habit of collecting upon their return, since they're not getting back until January.

I'm not worried about my citibank loan- I was a full time student until about a month ago, and even if I take a break and don't sign up for a full 12 units in the spring, I still have 5 months before I have to start making payments. However, my personal loan absolutely has to start being paid back this January, as per the terms of the note. Also, the college never received my scholarship funds, so I had to pay the rest of my tuition myself, which screwed me over even more.

I guess it's really time to start selling books. :( I've been planning to set up a selling post here in my journal to offer y'all a first look for months now, but I keep putting it off. I think it's because it's honestly painful to have to sit down and trim my library, but it's so, so necessary. I have stacks everywhere because I don't have the shelf space, and boxes and boxes in the garage, sadly unloved for lack of hours in the day. This is probably something I should take care of this weekend: step one in the polishing of my ragged brain?

Since I was pronounced sick last week, I couldn't justifiably bake/send out cookies, and this week was devoted to the craze of finals, so that was a no-go as well. I'm still sending out Christmas/Chanukah/Holiday cards, so if you haven't already commented on my card post, please do so now! Yes, now. Go! :D
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