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We walk through life and we live and die, we do our best to not ask why

When I sat down to watch the premiere, I had a sketchbook at hand in case I wanted to scribble anything down. And boy, did I scribble. I had the lights off, so some of it's illegible, but I thought I'd just transcribe what I could as I wrote it, rather than try and make it into a sensible post. Sorry.

- She Shook Me All Night Long opening - YES.

- Dean! You're in a tiny little box, extinguish that flame before it eats up all your air!

- Mmm, points for the raspy throat.

- So, they buried him in a tiny clearing, and now all the trees have been blasted down. That's some powerful mojo, yo.

- Honey, just go ahead and take your shirt all the way off. Nobody here minds.

- Dean's necessities: food, and porn. We have the oral fixation, and the smirk, all in the first five minutes. What more could a girl want?

- Side note: Why is he bothering with the change? This bothered me back in July, too, shouldn't he just focus on the bills - Oh phone booth OKAY THAT MAKES SENSE.

- Bobby, if someone's pretending to be Dean, wouldn't you investigate why?

- Bobby's broken "Dean" just about broke me, but then Dean got a face full of holy water and I laughed and it was all okay.

- "What don't I know about that kid?" - SQUEE!!!

- Dean perving on Sam's girl - HA

- Sam. You fail as Dean. Suave ain't your thing.

- The months haven't been kind to Sam. On the other hand, Dean looks mighty fine...

- "Who do you think you are, your old man?"

- The low "Don't lie to me, Sam." - GAH.

- After hearing how upset Dean would be with Sam over the Impala, I was expecting fast food wrappers, or a muddy, scuffed-up appearance. But? An iPod jack? Seriously? 8-track Cassettes or bust!

- "You are NOT invited!" I love that the camaraderie's back so easily! Brotherly love, for reals.

- So, Pamala knows Castiel by name? Shouldn't she know more about him, then?

- Burned out eyeballs - CREEPY

- The smart brother's back in town - heeeeeee

- Okay, by waiting until Sam leaves the hotel to make Dean incapacitated by ear bleed, does the demon not want to kill Sam, or does it know that Sam's too powerful to go up against? Or since it skipped when Bobby showed up, does it not want to affect anyone but Dean?

- I exorcise you WITH MY MIND.

- SAM! You lied to Dean! Bad Sammy! Bad!

- Um, why didn't Ruby recognize Dean and Bobby?

- I miss Ruby's old body.

- SAM! ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH RUBY? Don't tell a woman you're sleeping with that you don't trust her. Duh.

- Dean, if you get Bobby's eyes burned out, I will never forgive you.

- I've been thinking- if it can't be a demon, is it an angel? And then my thought process went to fallen angel (or one that sauntered vaguely downwards), and from there my mind shorted out to a refrain of "CROWLEY CROWLEY CROWLEY CROWLEY." E.T.A.- Yes, I totally have all that written down, including "Crowley" scribbled in all caps four times over. I told y'all my mind shorted out! :D

- "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition." Now all I can think is, IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE JESUS.?.!.?. (it does fit in with the earlier "end of days comment"- makes sense?).

- I WAS RIGHT! Whoa, definitely channeling a Ben Affleck / Bartleby vibe. This does not bode well.

- Dude, next time use Alan Rickman as a go-between instead of wreaking people's eardrums. He has the experience already as the Voice of God, so it shouldn't be a problem...

- Aww, pookie... You're totally worth saving. ::would snuggle with you if I could::

E.T.A. - I know I'm probably the only one, but it continues to bother me that they spent so much effort on making his knuckles look bruised and bloody, but his fingers/fingernails looked fine. HE CLAWED HIS WAY OUT OF HIS OWN GRAVE. Why spend the time on one part of the hand, and just ignore the rest? (Also how his face was filthy, but the back of his neck was squeaky-clean. CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE.). These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

To make up for how lame I am not posting earlier (the combination of allergy meds and work have eaten up my time and sanity), have some music!

Jackie Greene, "Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind" - My go-to Supernatural ballad these past few months.
the fortune teller whispered in your ear
don’t you remember?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!" - In deference to the episode title. Also because I love this song.
I can hear chants and incantations and some guy is mentioning me in his prayers.
Well, I don’t know what it is but there’s definitely something going on upstairs...

I have to be up in a little over 4 hours for soccer, and since we have team photos before the game, I have to not actually look like a hag, but I think instead of sleeping I'll read other people's episode reactions. This is my brain on non-drowsy Sudafed PE, IT WILL NOT SHUT UP. Maybe I'll listen to Eddie Izzard and devise a way to get my American art teacher to play some of his bits in class. Only the relevant ones, of course. Do you have a flag?
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