vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

Cult movies and and fantastic artists, yay!

Crazy 4 Cult 2: This time Its Personal open last night, while I was stuck at the Bistro. Sadness. I will prevail, though, because the artwork is so many kinds of rad.

Gris Grimly! You have work in this show? It's entitled "I Awoke Early the Day I Died"? Inspired by Ed Wood? AWESOME!!!

My favorites include "Rules", "Sweet Transvestite Candy", "Snowfall Over Poppies", "Marty", "Obey Billboard (Consume)" (what can I say? I love Shepard Fairey. And bad movies with 10 minute fistfights over whether or not to wear sunglasses.), "Defender of the Grail", and Scott Campbell's "Great Showdowns". Chet Zar's "Dawn" is horrifying while morbidly gorgeous, and Leontine Greenberg's "Edward's Girl" and "Self-Portrait (Edward)" are just...wow.

ignited, I think you should take a gander at "Deppictions". Heh.
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