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More Supernatural art!

Even though I had never done anything like SPN J2 Big Bang, before, I decided to do it twice! At the same time. Whoa. :D For the second story, I matched up with star_dancer54 and their story, The Animal.

The art is rated G, the story, decidedly not so.

The Animal

The Animal

The final reworked piece for star_dancer54's SPN Big Bang Story, The Animal. Originally laid out in one composition and done completely with nib/brush & ink on bristol, altered in photoshop as per request.

The Original Art:

The Animal

The original ink piece for star_dancer54's SPN Big Bang Story, The Animal. Some info (whether you want it or not ;D)- The circular designs are all freehand, loosely based on the principles of henna. When I first read the story, I was very inspired by the idea of Sam taking on the same markings as the hell hounds, and I kinda saw the designs slowly forming on his skin, much like a complete henna design takes slowly takes shape as it's applied to the skin. The flowered line in the right corner is meant to represent a stylization of the string Dean follows.

Drawn with Winston & Newton (Nut Brown/Orange) and Aladine Calligraphy (gold) ink. I think if I could do it again, I'd use a watercolor base on watercolor paper- I used up almost half of my brown ink while being paranoid about diluting the bottle, and the Bristol paper didn't hold up as well as I would have hoped.

I took some photos of the process, which I'll post as soon as I find my adapter.
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