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So... Among other health concerns, I have bronchitis. I finally gave in and saw my doctor's assistant, and she gave me a z-pack and a twice daily inhaler. I'm beginning to regret turning down her offer of cough medicine with codeine, though, because it sure would be nice to sleep through the night. And as soon as I can remember to fast for a full 8 hours, I have to go get bloodwork done.


At any rate, I'm going to be house-sitting starting tomorrow at a place with no internet, so if anyone wants to call or text me or send me links to fantastic websites or fic or art or anything that I can open up on my laptop beforehand and bring with me... well, let's just say y'all would be my most favoritest people ever.

I called out of work yesterday because I was vile, but I mustered the energy to go in today, and... I was wasn't on the schedule. I was on the DAS, which was odd, but I basically dragged my ass through freeway traffic for nothing. Too tired to deal with traffic, I stopped over at my folks house and my mother and I ranted about our respective situations, as we are wont to do. Now she's trying to get me to go on a walk with her. Clearly she hates me. That, or she doesn't pay attention when the effort of walking across a room makes me cough like a dying mule.
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