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SPN Big Bang Art Post!

This is my first time participating in the SPN J2 Big Bang, or anything like it. I matched up with the lovely regala_electra and ignited and their fantastic story, in disguises no one knows.

It started out as nib&ink on bristol, and photoshop brushes sort of morphed it into something else entirely.

<i>Sam just sort of stares at herself, at this man that's her refllection</i>

Her breath's caught in her throat when she sidles up next to Dean in the bathroom, both staring at themselves in the mirror.

Additional Art:

Not really fitting in a specific part of the story, these came about from doodles developed when thinking about the fragility/delicateness of a female mind stuck inside the bulk of a male body. Both were drawn with Winston & Newton (black) and Aladine Calligraphy (aubergine and gold) ink.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and read! :D

Now I wish I had a tablet more than ever. Working with the mouse is hard, yo.
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