vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

"Put your hands down will you, you're embarrassing us."



You don't revive a fantastic franchise just to make it jump the shark. You just don't! And I'm sorry, but the instant whatsherface Spalko announces her master plan, I knew exactly how she was going to die. Look at every evil villain who quests for ultimate knowledge, and see if they don't all get burned by it, why doncha? If you're going to steal plot devices, shouldn't you be a bit less obvious???

And are we completely forgetting about how Henry Jones Sr. AND Jr. drank from the Holy Grail? The whole 'granting eternal life' thing is just a load of hooey?

Best part of the movie was when Prof. Jones mentioned El Dorado and Cristina went, "Kkh-kkh". This, people, is why she's my best friend.
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