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Wait, what???

So, guess who got a 91 on a test they totally thought they were going to fail, and as a reward is going to see Indiana Jones with her best friend tonight?

This guy!!! ::thumbs up, dudes, 'cause, seriously? YAY!!!::

Thank you, Hieronymus Bosch, for creating one of the most fucked up pieces of art ever to grace a renaissance textbook.

And thank you, art history professor, for not calling me on the total bullshit that was my free response essay (GoED and PoGAahB both have, um, fruit, and, um, people holding hands. Whoa.), much less using paintings from the slide identifications (one from short answer, one from the long essay). Oh, and while I'm at it, thank you thank you THANK YOU for using Jan van Eyck's Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride and Diego Velázquez' Las Meninas for the slide identification essay, which are like only the two most talked about Renaissance paintings in art schools, EVER.

MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF INDIANA JONES!!! ...and then work at 7:30am. Whoot.
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