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Well it could have been should've been worse than you'll ever know

It's... quarter to 9, actually, which isn't bad, but I've got this stupid paper due tomorrow on Humanism and Renaissance paintings and Petrarch's ascent of Mount Ventoux and shit, and a design assignment that if I just gave up and traced the fucking images from magazines like 99% of the class is, I'd be done already, but no, I have to draw everything freehand, because I am a *MORON*, and I am already operating on a day of suck where everything went wrong because god forbid people learn how to count and since I opened ALL BY MYSELF and had NO CASHIER until 2pm, I was running like my ass was on fire trying to get tills to Music and Cafe before we opened on, like, 2 hours of sleep because my body thinks this whole daylight savings thing is nonsense, and WHAT THE HELL.

You know how I cut my bangs last year because it was 5 in the morning and I hadn't slept at all and I just wanted them gone, already?

I just got a skirt on sale for $6 at Old Navy, and it's really awesome except for the fact I forgot to cut out the tag before I washed it and if I so much as came within 5 feet of the Music/DVD department I set off the alarm, and I was ready to kill something, so on my 15 I went to the ladies room and cut the tag out, fine, dandy, only then there I was, looking at myself in the mirror with scissors in my hand and realizing for the billionth time that the last B&B girl cut my hair in the way people who can afford to get their hair cut every three weeks do, and it was growing out all scraggly and ugly, and then, snip snip, the bottom 4-5 inches were gone. THIS IS WHY I'M NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP SCISSORS ANYWHERE NEAR A MIRROR.

I don't think anyone at work noticed, but R's mom did and liked it, so it could've been a lot worse. I don't have to be at work Thursday until 4pm, so I think I'll wait until I get some sleep and clean the ends up and do my bangs that afternoon. I'd take a photo, but I literally have circles under my eyes, indented into my skin, if you will, and nobody wants to see that.

On a brighter note: the plus side to having extra weight located mostly in the ass and boob areas "curves" is that when I'm dressed for work and wearing makeup and a black v-cut shirt and skirt with stockings (sadly, flats, not heels), I can walk up to a comic book store as they're locking up, and despite my protests and assurances I'll come back later, they insist I come in and peruse. Plus the guy at Trader Joe's flirts like he has no shame. SCORE ONE FOR ME.

Hopefully, the combination of yoga and weightlifting will morph my "curves" into actual curves, and then we'll really be talking.

But, hey- I seriously am upset that I now live in an area where the "nearby" comic book store closes at 7pm, and the other closest one is populated with douchebags. What the hell? Do the local geeks stand for this nonsense? Is there a secret Mecca that I have not been deemed worthy of? Forbidden Planet, oh how I pine for you...

Oh, and did I mention, in addition to my iPod finally giving up the ghost and persistently staying dead as a doornail, my laptop decided it no longer wants to hold any sort of a charge? I love accidentally jostling the power cord and seeing my screen go black faster than you can blink.

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