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I want to unpack, but I have no engery to actually do so

The last day to add classes was this past Friday, so my schedule's finally as set as it's going to get.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have:
7-8:25am Yoga
8:45-9:46am Weight Training
12-3:10pm Two-Dimensional Design
5:15-6:16pm Beginning Conversational French

Wednesdays I also have
6:45-9:55pm History of Western Art: Renaissance to 19th Century

Lastly, I have Astronomy 20 online.

I felt horribly out of my depth in French 3, so it was dropped in favor of a rendering class, which as it turns out I couldn't take because there's a ten-minute overlap with my other art class. I was fine with it, the teachers were fine with it, but evidently such an overlap is "illegal" and could not be authorized. Fuckers. So, weight training it is.

My muscles already hate me, and it's only the third week of school.

I wasn't happy with my first assignment, I haven't started my second, and all my art supplies are packed up lord knows where. Good times.
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