vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

okay, college website, you can stop being ridiculous any time now.

I just got home from work, and I have to get up at 5 to make a 5:35 BADMINTON class just to beg the instructor to add me to his M/W weight class.

This class damn well better be real. Who the hell gets up to play badminton at 5:30 in the morning?!?!?!

On the plus side, I started work the previous Tuesday, and since they told me I shouldn't need to reestablish my direct deposit, I should be getting monies in zee bank any minute now. Yay monies!

I've have some time here and there to kill over the past non-school days, so I started marathoning Doctor Who with James. We got up to The Parting of the Ways, but the jerk still has my dvds, so I jumped to season 3. Only... I have no desired to rewatch Daleks in Manhattan, which is pretty much where I stopped watching the first go-round. Clearly, my only choice was to start watching season one of House. Clearly. Maybe I'll actually be motivated to catch up on this past season and a half...

This post was completely useless. I'm sorry. Go check out my book recs over at regala_electra's journal if you want substance.
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