vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

Bowie's always appropriate.

1. I am, for all intents and purposes, moved into my new place. FUCK. YES.

2. I don't have internet access yet, though, and I don't know when that'll be happening. Therefore, y'all should drop me facebook notes and comment here with fun links, so that when I'm somewhere where I can steal a wireless signal, I can stock up my browser windows for later.

3. Classes start tomorrow.  I'm taking:
Theatre-1 (Intro to the Theatre (Online)), 
Art-3 (History of Western Art: -19th Century),
French-3 (Intermediate French I),
French-21AB (Beg Conversational French), and
Astronomy-20 (The Solar System (Online)).

I'm waitlisted for the one class I really need, ART-37AB (Two-Dimensional Design I), but I've had the professor before, so I'm crossing my fingers that she'll add me to the roster without making me jump through a billion hoops. If she does, I'll probably drop the theatre course and have classes from 7am to 6:16pm Mondays and 7am to 9:55pm Wednesdays with one online class. I haven't studied French in almost two years, so I am filled with dread. I did well in French 1 and 2, though, so hopefully what limited skills I had will come back to back to me, and the beginning conversation class will fill in the blanks.

4. My ipod turned itself on at dinner last night. This normally wouldn't be notable, except for it's remarkable impression of a brick this past week. Clearly, I should take advantage of it working while I can, and y'all should pass on your favorite/newest music recommendations.

5. CL and I were supposed to see Hot Hot Heat, Louis XIV, and The Editors last night, but there was father/moving drama on my end, and I was so upset and running so late we ended up going to the Bistro for dinner instead. On the plus side, everyone there remembers me and wanted to know how long I'll be in town for. I'd love to pick up some hosting shifts, but it all depends on:

6. the bookshop (west coast edition). I start Tuesday, wish me luck! I'll just be happy to get my schedule sorted out at last, as all my potential tutoring/babysitting/hostessing gigs hinge on when the bookshop needs me to work.

7. Speaking of babysitting, I'm watching CR and ER right now. Tonight they were watching High School Musical 2, and got about halfway through before bedtime. I've never seen it or the original, but it was actually kind of cute. I'll probably end up watching it all the way through next time I babysit. Right now, they've been asleep for ages, and I've got the Grammys on. Wow is everyone building up Amy Winehouse's performance. My luck, the parents will probably come home right as she starts, and I'll miss it.

8. Overall? Life = AWESOME.
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