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I'm so jealous.

Just because I don't live in New York at the moment, doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through the people who still do.

From The New York Times's Urban Eye email:

Be the First One on Its Block

Sure, you could go to Commerce, a “contemporary American” restaurant opening today, for its history: the building dates to 1911, was once a speakeasy and has housed restaurants for more than 60 years. You could go for the menu: created by a founder of Montrachet and the chef Harold Moore, it includes chestnut papardelle with wild boar and hot smoked salmon with Jerusalem artichokes. Or you could go for the reason that New Yorkers always want to go to new restaurants: because you’ll be among the first to do so and because they’re offering 20 percent off through Monday."

The New York Times article:

"For a New Restaurant, Homage to History

Commerce, a contemporary American restaurant that is to open tomorrow at 50 Commerce Street (Barrow Street), has inherited a legacy. The building dates from 1911; the restaurant space was a speakeasy during Prohibition, and in 1941 it became the Blue Mill Tavern. In 1992, it was sold to restaurateurs who turned it into Grange Hall. In 2004, under more new owners, it briefly reverted to Blue Mill Tavern.

Now the space will incorporate design elements that reflect its past. The owners, Tony Zazula and Harold Moore, commissioned David Joel, who had painted a mural in 1993 for the owners of Grange Hall (which they removed when they left), to create a new one. In oil and gold leaf, and measuring 4 by 16 feet, it is similar to the previous work, depicting sleepy workers after a harvest. Mr. Zazula also found a 1941 Art Deco bar.

Through Monday there will be a 20 percent discount on the food by Mr. Moore, who is also the chef: (212) 524-2301."

Eater.com has a photo of Commerce in their Thursday Opening Report.

Good food at a discount- what could be better? Oh, yeah:

Jasper Johns has a "sprawling exhibition of his work" that opened Tuesday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and The New York Times talks about it.

I'm so miffed I'm not there to see it, and it ends before my classes get out in June. The damn thing better come to LACMA, that's all I'm saying.
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