vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am technically still alive, although whether or not my mind has survived is debatable.

This semester sucked in ways I cannot even begin to articulate. I'm still at both my internship and my job during the winter break, but I think I'm going to burn out real soon if I don't just dedicate an entire day to sleep. I have some reprieve- I took the train to Mineola this morning for my Aunt T's holiday party, and am staying with my Aunt S for the next few days. Over the course of just trying to get here, I:

- woke up at 5am to do my laundry, only to realize it was pouring rain and wouldn't be light out for another 2 hours;
- slept until 9am, just took the most basic items I'd need for the week to the laundromat;
- battled with clothes that WOULD NOT dry;
- gave up, went home, packed 2 shoulder bags and two shopping bags with (unwrapped/unfinished) presents and damp clothes;
- tore my stockings;
- Could not remember where my off-peak 10 trip train ticket was, or is it was even still valid;
- left my apartment super late;
- waited for the L, missed the train I told my aunt I would catch;
- waited for the JZ, missed the train I told my aunt I would catch after missing the first train;
- waited for the train at Jamaica;
- got into Mineola 3 hours later than planned, making my Aunt S late to Aunt T's party.

Fun times.

I didn't see Sweeney Todd yesterday- my coworkers and I decided it was stupid to drag ourselves there if we were probably just going to fall asleep in the theater. We'll try and go later this week, if we can get schedules to line up.

I'm not at the bookshop tomorrow; rather, I'm spending 9-? Christmas Eve at my internship. Then it's back to Mineola for church at 5pm and dinner with Aunt S, Aunt T and Uncle B. I think everyone is coming to Aunt S' around 1 or 2 pm Christmas day, where there will be much merriment and food. Hopefully, I won't sleep through dessert like I did today.

And then back to the bookshop on Wednesday. If the customers were bad leading up to the holidays, I don't even want to imagine what they'll be like when trying to return their unwanted presents.

Without a gift receipt.

Or valid photo ID.
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