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I started this post 2 hours ago...

Normally I'm a hormonal twit, but this is just absurd. Dear self: snap out of it.

I not only didn't stay up to do work last night ("oh, I'll nap for an hour, then work on---ZzzzZZzz"), but pretty much wasted the entire day. I did truck out in the snow to do my laundry, though. Good thing- tomorrow I would've had to resort to bikini tops.

Some points of note:

1.) I'm no longer a vegetarian, as of the day after Thanksgiving. It might seem trivial to wait until then if I knew in advance I was going to give it up, but it was the 8th Thanksgiving I've had without turkey, so it seemed wasteful if I couldn't wait the 2 days to acknowledge that. Most people seem surprised to hear that I didn't eat poultry or fish while I was a vegetarian, and I continue to be surprised at their surprise. How is salmon or chicken not meat?

A mini turkey sandwich, with cornbread dressing, gravy, Alton's cranberry sauce, and swiss on sliced baguette and pressed was my first bit of meat in over 7 years. I had a little bit of fish while I was home, and have had some chicken and turkey since. Still no red meat, since I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it. At least having a bite of somebody else's dish, or, hell, actually tasting for myself what's I'm cooking for others, is now an option. I do think my first hamburger should be an In-N-Out burger, though.

My biggest reason for taking this step is my health. It was one of my reasons I cited for going meatless, and as it's obviously not improved over this time, and may indeed be worse in some aspects, that reasoning has become moot. I've also been saying for a while now that if I was ever blessed with the opportunity to go back to Europe, or to see Spain or Ireland or Brazil (my top three places to go before I die (don't worry rae, Italy's number four)), I don't want to limit myself the way I did when I went to London, Paris and Sweden with Shirin. Honestly, I had been a vegetarian for 4 years at that time, and on our budgets I probably didn't miss much, so it didn't seem like a huge huge deal back then. But in the past year, I've started saying I would give up being a vegetarian if I went to Spain so as to try baby octopus at a tapas bar.

So I had to ask myself, why was I waiting? I devour these cooking books, worship Anthony Bourdain, go to Alex Kapranos's book signing not because he's a singer, but because he wrote a book called Sound Bites: Eating on Tour with Franz Ferdinand (the eating on tour bit is what caught my eye), and cook non-vegetarian dishes for other people. It seems like now was as good a time as any to partake.

2.) Anthony Bourdain is FREAKIN' AWESOME. Like how Voldemort is Freakin' Awesome, ONLY AWESOME-R. TRUE FACT. He was at the Barnes & Noble Union Square to promote his new book, and I was there as soon as my internship let out, up in the third row. He and Michael Ruhlman were on stage talking about something, I think about a dude on the Food Network, and the conversation went something like this:

MR: ...He's apparently incredibly popular!
AB: Yeah?
MR: Yeah, go figure-
AB: So's chlamydia!

He also said someone from the Food network called to tell him that they're going to re-air all of A Cook's Tour this coming spring. On one hand, I remember watching the episodes when they originally aired (Wild Fridays on FN! Follow that Food with Gordon Elliot! And, um, other shows...), where my love for him started long before I could appreciate half the things he talked about. After his show ended, I used to set the vcr to tape his re-runs at 4am. It's awesome, especially since I can beg Rae to dvr the episodes, so I can see them all again. However, he and his people have evidently been trying to buy the rights for a long time now, and since the contract for them expires around next July (he says), it seems like a huge slap in the face from the FN.

The whole event was fantastic, and I wish I had asked Bourdain to write down his suggestions for restaurants he recommended in NYC for a former vegetarian to jump back in the meat-eating world (he rattled them off so quickly, 5 minutes later I *could not* remember what he said for the life of me)(and no, I did not phrase it like that in my question). Ruhlman was really nice, and wanted to know who all his books were being autographed for ("...Janice is my aunt, [...] is me, and the third one *might* be for my mom. I haven't decided yet if she deserves it or not."), which made him laugh. He asked me about my name, as he said that's the first time he's seen it, and made some small talk. I honestly think the majority of the audience were there for Bourdain, but Ruhlman held his own, and I would absolutely go see him at a solo event. I shook both their hands, and was absolutely *giddy* for some time thereafter.

Rae, her sister, drummergirl and K were having dinner at Republic, so they met up with me to say hi. Drummergirl is probably the funniest person on the planet, and it looks like there might be some sort of shindig (with alcohol! ::snort::) at my apartment in the near future.

3.) I have a week and a few days left of this semester, after which I will be lucky if I still have any vestiges of sanity left.

4.) I will be in New York for Christmas. I will also be working both my jobs during the semester break. I will probably need a good deal of alcohol after dealing with the general public, so if you're free from December 15th onward, drop me a bell.

5.) I am no longer 100% sure I will finish my B.A. at Pratt. Right now all I can worry about is finishing my A.A.S. in May.

6.) Project Runway is back, and even though I have no tv to watch them on, it does get me excited about one thing: Tim Gunn podcasts!

7.) My cousin went with our aunt to pick me up from the airport Thanksgiving weekend, and later relayed to her father that I don't live in a good area, and that my apartment was messy. I try not to let that get to me, since we have such different mentalities (she's very, very minimalist, and I'm an admitted nester), but since I know my apartment was clean (I wouldn't have let my aunt in otherwise), and the only things out and about were art supplies for ongoing assignments and a couple books for my 19th century essay, I'm a little upset. Especially since my uncle then relayed this info to my dad, who was upset enough that my mom commented on it to me. I feel like calling him up and saying how I was in a worse neighborhood when I was in *the school dorms*, but that would probably only add fuel to the fire. It's so ridiculous that it's even an issue. I DO NOT NEED PEOPLE UNFAIRLY JUDGING ME BASED ON A FIVE MINUTE VISIT AND ADDING TO MY STRESS, KAY THANKS.

8.) Mario Batali is good for the world.
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