vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

When I get to California, hopefully things will seem better...

It's 4am. Can't sleep. Feel too crappy to do anything useful.

My job sent me home after only an hour on Sunday. I attributed my illness to a particular cause, but since the symptoms got to a point where I missed class and called out of my internship yesterday, I think it might be caused by something more long-term. I couldn't even watch stuff on my computer, let alone get work done during the day, without falling asleep 3 seconds later (sleep sometimes springs up as my body's natural defense against nausea and pain, which really puts a crimp in my being a productive member of society). Of course, I woke up every 10 minutes from creepy, freaky dreams. And now I can't sleep at all, but I'll probably drift off around 6am, which will lead to me sleeping through class. Blergh.

What a joy to know that my flight leaves JFK at 6:45pm, gets into LAX at 10:26pm, and all the time in between I'll be completely miserable.
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