vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen


Get out of internship at 5:30. Go to the NY library on 42nd and 5th. Move fast to get all necessary items for art history essay photocopied before they close at 7:30. Go to the campus library in Brooklyn. Photocopy relevant items, create essay outline, leave before they close at 11. Go home, find coursepack, do english reading/ bash out rough draft of English essay. Finalize logo for Com. Comm. Design.


...even if this means bashing skull against wall until I black out.

Seriously. I finally fell asleep around 5am this morning, and... missed class. To be fair, I woke up on time, but my lungs/other inner bits tried to make a break for it, I started hyperventilating, and there was no way.

Dear asthma, acid reflux, and sinus pain and pressure; Please to be fucking off.

Logo and other (no way in hell getting finished) items for com. commun. design due tomorrow.
Rough draft of To The Lighthouse essay due a.s.a.p., must be read by tutor by Friday (Final draft due Wednesday after thanksgiving). (side note- wwhen the hell do I have time to
Typography assignments and 1750 word 19th Century Art essay due Thursday.
Book cover for computer graphics and 18x22 illustration due Friday.

Please, please just let me get through this week, then I'll think about the future.
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