vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

This is Halloween...

Alright, folks- my phone was "lost" at work, and until its kidnapper turns it in, I have no way of calling anyone.

Instead of voicemails and texting, I'm going to have to rely on good ol' LJ and emails to coordinate for Wednesday. Anyone planning on coming to the parade in the village?

Side notes: I shook Aaron Eckhart's hand yesterday. Plus something else I can't remember, because I SHOOK AARON ECKHART'S HAND YESTERDAY. He's so dashing in person, and no baseball cap can cover *that* up.

Oh, yeah. Ronnie Wood is going to be at the Barnes & Noble Union Square store Wednesday, and I kinda wanted to go, but I feel the parade will be more entertaining. However, Anthony Bourdain will be at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble in December, and that I must absolutely go to.

In the spirit of Halloween, this book looks awesome, and the author will be at the Barnes & Noble Greenwich Store tonight. Alas, I have homework.
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