vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

First, the good news: somebody turned in my ipod at the gym.

Dear jackass who now has my brand-new monthly metrocard: Fuck. You.

My aunt didn't really mail out my check from my internship when she said she did on Friday, and though she did mail it out on Tuesday, I still have not received it.

My glasses are broken past the point of fixing with duct tape, and I cannot afford to go to the optometrist to get fitted for new ones, even though my vision's gotten so much worse.

I also cannot afford to get my prescriptions the doctor gave me last Wednesday until I get that internship check and make positively sure I can cover my rent.

Out of all the people on Craigslist I emailed last week, only one emailed me back to say "Thanks for the thorough response! I think Canarsie might be a little too far away for me at this point in time...", etc, etc. Which is pretty much what everyone says. Granted, most of these people state they want to live in Park Slope/surrounding areas, but I am thisclose to getting on my hands and knees and *begging* people to move in with me. My coworkers who live in Astoria have a longer commute than I do, for fuck's sake.

Fuck it. I'm going to do something creative while I watch Knocked Up, sketch some logo ideas, and go to bed so I can be at the gym at 6m to work out sleep in to the last possible second before class.
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