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15 October 2007 @ 03:30 am
Jeremy Irons as background music is so totally rocking my world right now.  
How much do I love some of my co-workers?


One girl, 'Sabrina', shares my love of Jeremy Irons, and said that when she found a clip of him as Snape, her first thought was to tell me, complete with impersonations of his wig-fondling. Y'all have no idea how hilarious this was. NO IDEA, Y'ALL. She also joins me in the Rickman adoration, and we've seriously spent *way* too much time trying to find audiobooks whose readers make us go squee!. ::<3s her::

BONUS- Jeremy Irons + My Fair Lady = WIN WIN WIN.

A gal I closed with tonight is on a secret mission to drive me crazy by being extraordinarily nice. I AM ON TO YOU, YOU TROLLOP!!!

Another chap I work makes my day, each and every time I work with him. Kudos for being fantastic, sir!

My taxes are done, but I'm afraid to do reading for my midterm essays in case I fall asleep in the process and wake up late for my 8am class. An all-nighter is possibly the worst idea ever after sleeping through most of the weekend, but I can't help my idiocy from trouncing my better judgment, and I really really really can't be late for class, which is what will happen if I attempt to cat-nap. Meh.
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