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Sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun...

I am quite guilty of not following through on things of a online nature. Time and time again, for instance, something will happen and I'll think to myself how I absolutely positively should jot it down in this journal, only to... not. I have flickr and blogger and last.fm and various other accounts set up, going to waste from my inactivity. Granted, there is the time issue- I've said it before, but working two jobs while taking 18 units in school doesn't leave much time for sleep, let alone anything else, and when choosing between going out and doing things or writing about what has already happened, I'm going to choose the new experiences. Mostly, I have time-management issues like whoa.

Thankfully, the L train gives me time to time to de-stress- 30-40 minutes to knit or read or just listen to music. What that has to do with anything, I don't know.

I don't know where I was going with this. ANYWAY. Rae said I should post the following and I am, because if she hadn't told me to I probably wouldn't have for reasons listed above. Still with me?

I am 97.4% positive I was on the subway with Randy Harrison tonight. I looked up as the train was coming into the Bedford Avenue station, and I swear my heart leaped into my throat as he walk toward me. This generally only happens with celebrities (or a few guys I know that I find exceptionally... exceptional), so I'm confident it was the real deal. There wasn't enough time before he exited the car to take a pic with my phone, sadly. The only way to be completely sure would have been to follow him as he got off, and I wasn't curious enough to become a stalker over it.

This was my second transportation-related celeb sighting in less than a week. Wednesday I got on the M23 with rae, and as there weren't two seats together, I opted to sit next to the actress I recognized while walking through the bus. I knew Rae would mock me for not knowing the woman's name off the top of my head. I'm really bad at names even in my day-to-day life, it's ridiculous. Turns out I was sitting next to Joan Allen from 7th Avenue to Avenue C, me with my knitting and her with her script, so that was neat.

blah blah de-blah. ::ponders doing homework, working on the cardigan, or getting sleep::
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