vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

...because I am wearing a skirt. Duh.

Rae and regala_electra are talking about trying on my bra, WTF.

...no, seriously, WTF.

Reg is really drunk off 2 and a half shots, rae is ridonkulous off one, and I'm beginning to feel slightly tipsy off my 3. HA HA BITCHES, MY TOLERANCE PWNS ALL!!!

Okay... nevermind. I would have to be drunk to allow that comment to be part of this post.

Rae threatened to take photos, and all reg could shout was that she did not have her bra on. Like that would thwart rae. Pfft.

...now they're searching for my bra (THE ONE I AM NOT CURRENTLY WEARING- I DID LAUNDRY EARLIER, YOU PERVERTS. GAWD!). No good can come of this.

Now the discussion has turned to how if any of us go as Columbia to Rocky Horror, they can convert one of rae's bra's into mickey mouse ears. I am truly afraid.

IN OTHER NEWS- we totally have to go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror. We would have gone tonight, but ignited wouldn't meet us, and that was the deal-breaker. WE TOTALLY GAVE YOU AN HOUR AND A HALF NOTICE, WOMAN. WORK WITH US! I was originally favoring going as Columbia, but now I think with liquid courage I will totally dress up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I have a tattoo now, why shouldn't I be willing to shake what my mama gave me?

No Boys Room and $1 drinks tonight, sadly. But this, while traumatizing, is still entertaining. They're threatening to kill me if I don't stop typing, so I will end this post here, and leave y'all to your own adventures.

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