vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

Falling, yes I am falling...

I've been listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack over and over, and omg how awesome are these covers??? Rae can have Jim Sturgess and Bono, I want Joe Anderson to declare his undying love for me.

My co-closer tonight isn't really familiar with the Beatles catalog, so I switch from the soundtrack to my 1967-1970 collection toward the end of the night so as to remind him of how unbelievable the real deal is. Sadly, the result was to make me depressed that "Revolution" isn't featured on the soundtrack to the film, and to maybe make me think that "I've Just Seen A Face" has replaced "If I Fell" as my favorite Fab Four song. Le sigh.

raelala, ignited, and regala_electra are meeting me after I get out of work tomorrow to see Across the Universe, which I'm afraid I won't like. It'll probably be amazing and all my fears will be groundless.

One can only hope.
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