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I'm an alligator.

I've lost count of how many times I've nodded off on the subway/train these past weeks.

Last night was awesome in it's lameness. Hey, if I'm having a drink with people I genuinely get along with, it's great, regardless how many people actually show up. Quality over quantity when it comes to co-workers, I say.

Two good-bye "parties" in a week, and more people are crossed off the schedule every day. Sadness.

Today at the internship, I came up with a couple of blanket designs while shelving some of our newer yarns, so now I have to knit up swatches over the weekend to show our design peeps. That's okay, for I have tomorrow off! I honestly can't remember when the last one I had was. At least my paycheck should be slightly nicer next Friday, what with holiday pay for the 4th.

I feel like I should be drawing or painting or something creative, but my bones are resisting. I think I will pop in Monterey Pop, and nap to the glorious music of the 60s.

OH. I caught the last 15 minutes of Man vs. Wild (somewhere near the Colorado River), and that Bear person is INSANE. Who throws himself into quicksand??? Now I want to watch every episode, ever. Damn you, typicrobots!
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