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I am sad I missed the zombie thing while I had no internet.

I am back on Long Island, suffering from what can only be described as prolonged death throes.

At the best of moments, it feels like someone stole my doc martins and used them to stomp on my chest.

The other moments feel much, much worse.

I called out of my job yesterday and ended up sleeping the day away, traitorous bastard body. My hours are going to suck this week, despite staying to close on Monday, because I also left early Wednesday. Damn you, sickness! This morning I thought that I'd be able to handle going into my internship, only to find out that I could indeed become even sicker than before. Not Fun. I did have to go show my boss a scarf I'm working on, but everyone said I looked like I was about to drop dead and sent me home without much fuss. Again, I slept most of the day, again, against my wishes. Finally got up, cleaned the apartment, fed the animals, packed up my stuff and headed back to Mineola, the land of internets and cable tv. NONE OF WHICH I CAN ENJOY AS I HAVE A SCARF (half done) AND A SHAWL (not even started) DUE MONDAY.

Oh, that's right, I did not have internet at the house-sitting gig and thusly did not tell any of you:



Of course, I've been too sick to knit, so this first commission may very well be my last, if I can't manage to get these pieces done by the 18th for the photo shoot they're needed for.

It's possible the illness may be making me a tad bit delusional.

I watched the first season of Bones, and kinda liked it.

Quick! Distraction! Um, Rae's birthday was that of much alcoholic joy? At least, a Texas-sized strawberry margarita with extra shot, glass of red sangria, lychee martini, and Irish car bomb implied such. Also, why do rae's posts seem to convey that we're a couple? Totally misleading, yo.

I really want to start watching Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis, even though my brother tells me Atlantis isn't as good as SG1. Watching Stargate episodes with him on the SciFi channel back home piqued my interest, and it has not subsided in the time I've been back in NY. I'm terribly sorry to everyone who hates me now.

KNITTING TIME! ...until I pass out in 5-7 minutes.

E.T.A.: In case I die: I LOVE YOU ALL. Well, most of you. The bandom thing is a bit odd.
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