vorpal pen (vorpal_pen) wrote,
vorpal pen

I did stick my feet in the ocean, so it's possible I don't *completely* fail at life.

I'm back in New York. My stay in California wasn't nearly long enough and I didn't achieve everything I set out to do, but I got my cell fixed and hung out with some of my awesome people, and isn't that what it's all about?

Plane ride was uneventful. I was exhausted, so I actually slept most of the red-eye, but I kept waking up with a jolt so it doesn't feel like I got much rest. I had opened up a ton of links before I left for the airport, but I was too drained to even open up my laptop case on the plane. I did win two of the passenger vs. passenger trivia games, though, and decided to quit while I was ahead. Once we landed, there was a problem with some of the ramps/luggage, so I got to stand in the baggage claim for almost an hour freaking out that my suitcase had been lost. I may like flying Delta better than American, but even I have to admit that American has the much better system getting you to/from your plane with your sanity and belongings intact. Is that security worth being miserable for 5 hours in the air, I wonder? After that ordeal, I proceeded to get back to my aunt's and was awed to find the internet was waving pitchforks and torches.

A hell of a lot of pitchforks and torches.

My last act before crashing was to friends-lock everything. However-many-odd hours of sleep followed by 2 hours of reading way more than I needed to later, I'm not sure why I did. Y'all know that I am an opinionated gal, and I will not shut up about a topic once I get going (C and I had yet another conversation on Snape's goodness, or lack thereof, while I was in California. Again.). But, mostly? It's in person, person-to-person. I just don't have the energy to dive right into a fandom, so I'll mostly skirt around the edges for however long the period I'm interested in it is. I honestly don't think there was anything that would have gotten me suspended, and as such, I'll probably go back and undo the privacy level changes.

Then again, maybe not. I honestly don't think anyone reads this journal that isn't already on my friends list. Plus, I'm either fighting off the last dregs of my allergies or the beginning of a cold, so I'm not exactly feeling top notch, physically or mentally. I really need to stay awake now so I can have a fighting chance of sleeping normal hours tonight, since I'm at my internship tomorrow 9-5:30, which necessitates not being dead and catching the train into the city. Staring at the computer screen is likely to put me right back to sleep. Oh, Friday I'm at my internship 9am-1:30pm and my other job 2-10:30pm.

First objective: Survive. Then I can figure out all this other stuff.

Is it just me who finds it a tad bit amusing that permanent accounts go on sale in a few days?
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